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Printable Remote Control Box for Dad - Father's Day Gift Idea!

Included in kit:

Printable Favor Box for Dad!

The box resembles a Remote Control and is very simple to make.
You can also print matching candy bar wrappers and put them into the box.

Download for members includes a printable .pdf template for making a personalized Favor Box and a candy bar wrapper for 1.55 oz candy bars.

8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet.
(One for box. - Use Card Stock Paper for Boxes.)
(One for wrappers. - Regular Copy Paper Works best for wrappers.)

You will need a PDF Reader such as Acrobat Reader to change text and print. (Google Chrome and the new version of Microsoft Edge 2020 work great.)


(Graphics format is also included to this set, so in case you prefer to add text and print in your own graphics program, this format will be perfect for you.

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