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PDF Recipe Card Templates Printing (E-book)

Required Software

You will need the latest version of Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Edge Web Browser.
Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Edge Web Browser will allow you to save your recipe text.

Google Chrome and other pdf readers may not work because you will not be able to save your recipe text.

You can downlod the latest version of Acrobat Reader for free, here.

How to Type on Printables

Click on a blue box or where my text is, delete it and start typing your recipe text.

Font styles cannot be changed. Font size is automatically resized wherever possible.

How to Print

1. Look for the Print icon and click it.

This will bring up the Print properties window.

2. Under page size, select ACTUAL SIZE

This is very important.

It means that a printable will print out at the correct size.
If Actual size is not selected, the recipe cards may print at a smaller size.

3. Under orientation, select AUTO.

4. Click Print.

How to Save Printables with your text

To save printables with your text, click on FILE and SAVE AS and choose a different name.

You can save printables in Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Edge.

But you cannot save in Google Chrome.
Wikki how has a workaround solution for Google Chrome
(start with Step 3).

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