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How To Use Printables in Cricut Explore Design Space

There are three steps to this,
in the first step, we'll upload the printable,
in the second step, we'll adjust the size of the printable
and in the last step we'll print and cut.

- Launch Cricut Design Space and click on NEW PROJECT .


In this step, we'll upload the printable.
- Click the "UPLOAD" button on the bottom left tool panel.

- Next, click UPLOAD IMAGE button.

- Click BROWSE from the screen that opens.

- This opens a menu, go to the folder where your "image files" are saved.
Click on the file you want and click open.
You'll notice that many printables will have two or more files. This is because the maximum print size is 6.75" by 9.25". And for this reason we'll need to use two or more mats to cut & print one printable.

- Select COMPLEX for your image type
and click CONTINUE.

- You're now in the Preview Image Window, there's not much to do here as my printables are already optimized for Print and Cut and are also transparent.
So just select APPLY and CONTINUE.

and click UPLOAD.

- From the Recent Uploads select the first image and click Add to Canvas.

Step 1 is now done.


In this step, we'll adjust the size of the printable.
My printables that are optimized for Print then Cut include dimensions for each printable. You'll need to change this for every printable you want to print then cut and here are the steps how to do this.

1. From the SIZE TAB in the edit bar, change the numbers in the width and height.

Dimensions for the turkey box printable are:

width: 4.916 "
height: 6.501 "

Step 2 is now done.


In this step, you just print then cut.
1. When you are ready to make your project, click on Make It in the top right corner.

2. Check the material size, it should be 8 1/2 by 11, click CONTINUE and then print and cut out your printables.

Step 3 is now done.

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